About ICON Ecosystem

ICON Ecosystem is a portal that centralizes all the relevant information about the current ICOs/ IEOs happening on the ICON Network as well as DApps and tools created around the ICON project, with clear descriptions and direct sources. In this way, both developers and regular users can easily find the necessary tools and DApps, without having to invest their own time in performing the research. The portal will be updated regularly, implying continuous content creation as the ecosystem starts to expand. An application form will also be available, where creators of DApps or tools can submit their project on the platform. After a careful validation performed by our team, submissions will either be approved or rejected.

What will the users be able to find on ICON Ecosystem?

ICOs and IEOs on the ICON Network

On the homepage, visitors of the platform will have access to the pre-sale or public sale information of the ICOs or IEOs that will run on the ICON Network.


All the existing dApps that are being built on the ICON Network will be available within the ICON DApps | Tools section of the portal. Users have the possibility to select different filters: DApps (which will show only the DApps) and Tools (which will show only the Tools).


Relevant tools developed either by the official ICON Network team or the ICON Community will be available within the ICON DApps|Tools section of the website. Besides the above mentioned filters, there are also others (like Wallet, General, etc.), which will display only Tools belonging to those categories.

Why ICON Ecosystem – Motivation

As we are ourselves blockchain community members and we are aware of the struggles and time invested in researching different DApps or tools belonging to a certain project, we decided to create this platform and make it available to every ICON Community member. Our goal is for the ICON Ecosystem to become a trusted and resourceful place to-go for both new users and long term supporters. We firmly believe that while actively contributing to the decentralization and security of the ICON Network by being a node validator, having a transparent information hub around the Ecosystem will help the project gain more visibility and adoption.

By using the ICON Ecosystem platform we will all have one single point of entry into the ICON world and from there we can decide which DApp or Tool we would like to use.

Once new ICOs or IEOs will be developed on ICON, we will take care to make this information available and offer an overview of the data on the ICON Ecosystem portal.

The central hub will act as a unified force of all the great things happening within the ICON Ecosystem.

How will the ICON Ecosystem work?

The content on the portal will be constantly updated by the Chainode Capital team, according to the latest additions to the ICON Network in terms of ICOs/ IEOs, DApps and tools. By using a simple and intuitive interface, users can find relevant information directly on the website, while tools/DApps creators have the opportunity to submit their projects using the available online form. Depending on the development pace and adoption of the ICON Network, we might consider adding new features to the platform. Here we are open to your feedback.


If you have any suggestions, or would like to submit a certain tool or DApp to our platform, please use the contact form available on the iconecosystem.io website or send us an E-mail at icon.ecosystem@gmail.com.